Hey there, beautiful soul!

I'm Isabella, 50hr trained Kids Yoga Teacher & Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Educator, with over 8 years experience working with children.

I believe in a world where children are seen, heard, understood, loved & empowered on a daily basis.

I believe in a world where parents & educators feel fully grounded in their power as loving guiders.

My lightwork is not only envisioning & believing in this world, but bringing it into tangible 3D reality through my soul-led offerings:

~ Kids Yoga & Mindfulness classes.

~ Educator Mindfulness eBooks.

~ Loving Guiderhood (3-week group mentoring program).

My offerings are deeply rooted in the values of connection & playful depth. An intertwining of personal growth for you as a guider, and tangible tools to support you in conscious connection with your little ones.

Join me on the journey of weaving rainbow magic around the world, and allowing this new way of guiding to empower future generations for years to come!

My vision for Rainbow Minds wellbeing


In my mid 20's, I began to feel this strong urge to share my lightwork in a new way. I loved being a Kindergarten teacher, and absolutely adored working with children ~ but what I desired to share was bigger than the 4 walls of a classroom. As I continued to grow, learn, heal, expand both personally & professionally, I began showing up, leading, guiding in a whole new way and I had SO MUCH to share!! I started stepping into leadership roles within my workplace, & creating 'side-hobbies' to share my light with a wider community. But I just knew that wasn't 'IT'.

I set the intention out to the universe: 'Show me how I can expand my lightwork in a way that's deeply aligned with my purpose & passions'. Within days, I began seeing visions of Kids Yoga Classes, leading epic workshops, feeling lit up in the work I was doing, sharing my wisdom & light with communities all around the world - and then came the words 'Rainbow Minds Wellbeing'.

Rainbow Minds = the rainbow of emotion, feelings, thoughts us humans experience, the full colour spectrum, light & shade.

Wellbeing = the core value/intention behind all my offerings, supporting children & their guiders holistic wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual) so they can live an empowered, thriving life!

I handpainted my logo ~ it's wobbly & wonky, showing that our thoughts, our emotions can be messy & imperfect, yet also, bright & magical.

So that's why I'm here, creating, sharing, supporting, offering. My vision, is to nurture children & their guiders to live a life of THRIVING holistic wellbeing by understanding, honouring & being conscious of their rainbow of internal humanness.

As I continue to grow, learn, expand; as does Rainbow Minds. I'm so excited to continue sharing this journey with you, and want to honour you for your commitment to showing up in this space with curiosity & openness. 

My offerings & all that I share is a collation of years of personal experience, growth & wisdom, Bachelor level education training, research, reading, development courses and adaptations of the traditional Yogic Philosophies (Patanjali's Yoga Sutras). It's my intention to bring a sense of peace, joy & connection into this world through sharing my wisdom & mindful offerings.

Virtual hugs,

See Isabella's magic in action in this SBS World News segment (2019)


I would like to acknowledge the Boon Wurrung and Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation, the land on which I guide from each day. I pay my respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging. I thank the land for providing us with bush & saltwater for our children to play & learn upon, and vow to care for country at all sites of teaching & learning throughout my journey.

I would also like to honour the home of the beautiful Yogic Philosophies, from which my classes are derived; ancient India. I pay my respects to my teachers, and my teachers teachers for sharing the traditional magic of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. It is with the utmost respect, love & joy that I share an adaptation of these teachings with my community of children, families & educators.