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Get your Kids to Listen to you

An audio Immersion for parents desiring to set boundaries their kids *ACTUALLY* respond to. Creating ease & cooperation in your relationship with your child.

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Guide from the heart

9 Days. 9 Audios. 9 Activations to tap you back into the heart of your Parenting.

Less heady strategy. More hearty knowing. When we parent from the heart, we FEEEEEL our kids more deeply. Ease and relief becomes the *new standard*. And I desire this deeply for you, Parents.

Raising powerful kids

A 2 week program for parents & educators desiring to raise confident, empowered children. 4x pre-recorded video modules covering; Trust, Empowerment, Confidence & Independence.

Coming Soon...


Loving Guiderhood

Group Mentoring Program

For the Parents desiring to feel more empowered & equipped in their guiding of children. Three weeks of wisdom, tangible techniques and printable resources:

- Big Feels

- Loving Limits

- Nourishment > Exhaustion

Enrolments are now closed for 2023, sign up to our email list to stay updated about future rounds of this program.

The Empowered Guider

1:1 Parent Mentoring

It takes a Village to raise a child, but many of us lack the support we require to lead our little beings in healthy & sustainable ways.

Tailored mentoring to support you in the sticky challenges of raising tiny humans.

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