Loving Guiderhood

Parents & Educators: listen up!

For so long, we've lived with the narratives of fear-based actions to 'get' children to do what 'we' want them to.

It's time this evolves.

It's time we start seeing our children as little humans.

It's time we start understanding their needs and knowing how to meet them there.

It's time we start looking at our own projections, perspectives, patterns ~ and how they effect our children's thriving.

It's time we realise that patience isn't a personality trait, it's a quality fuelled by self-nourishment.

It's time our Guiding stops feeling 'hard', and starts feeling like an easeful inner knowing.

Loving Guiderhood is the evoking of this new reality.

"Life changing! Our home has been much more peaceful" - Kacey, mother of 2

THE JUICE OF Loving Guiderhood:


Understanding our children's emotional needs, debunking tantrums/meltdowns & exploring our capacity to hold space as an adult.



The three C's of setting boundaries with your little ones and why fear-based discipline is just NOT cool anymore.



Honouring the rebel archetype, fostering resilience + getting out of the way of your child's powerful potential.



Fueling sustainable Guiderhood, so you can give from a place of wholeness, rather than depletion!


This program is an intertwining of tangible tools to equip your mind, and a soul activating remembrance of the Guider that we are so ready + willing to access during this lifetime. Allowing our Guiding to be more easeful & connected, and our children to really thrive in all areas of their wellbeing as they grow.

Open to all guiders of children aged 3-12 years (parents, guardians, grandparents, educators, inclusion support workers, foster carers etc.)

Isabella is a Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Educator, 50hr Kids Yoga Instructor & has over 8 years experience guiding children of many different abilities.

In her early years of Guiding, she really felt the challenge + exhaustion of not knowing how to meet children in their big feels, or follow through on a boundary with love. All of the teachings she shares is a compilation of her journey of Guiding, which has now allowed her connection with children to be SO much more easeful.

"My biggest passion is supporting children's thriving, by empowering their guiders with wisdom, tools + expanded awareness "

Isabella invites a gentle expansion of being-ness in your leading of little ones, through sharing her embodied experience.

Jump into the self-paced version below; with pre-recorded content, workbooks + printables to support you on your journey to easeful, connected guiding!

  • Loving Guiderhood

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