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"Life changing! Our home has been much more peaceful." ~ Kacey, mother of 2.

This is your portal into a new reality.

A journey of expansion that banishes the old 'fear-based paradigm' of guiding. Cos' punishment, bribes & power struggles just AIN'T cool anymore!

Upleveling your Guiderhood in easeful, sustainable ways that allow you to feel deeply grounded in your power, AND allow your children to feel empowered, supported & loved.

Creating magical connections in your home or classroom.

A coming home to your authentic essence of guiding children.

An embodiment of groundedness & unconditional love.

"I feel my empathy has grown a little deeper, my eyes opened a little wider."
~ Marta, mother of 2.

Through this self-paced program, you are invited to explore the Four Pillars of embodying the essence of a Loving Guider:

Module 1: Emotional Awareness

Understanding children's core needs, the basics of E-motion & a 4-step process to support your little ones through challenging feelings.

Module 2: Loving Limits

Shed the 'old paradigm' way of settings boundaries, & embody a NEW way; ditching the control and power struggles, for presence and ease!

Module 3: Sovereignty

Honouring the rebel archetype, fostering resilience + getting out of the way of your child's powerful potential.

Module 4: Self-Devotion

Fuelling sustainable guiding with a devotion to soul-nourishment ~ leaving you feeling patient & energised DAILY.

*wisdom of these modules is conveyed via pre-recorded video.


~ Embodied energy to support your Guiderhood

~ Bedtime, meal times + drop-offs, oh my!

~ Navigating the f*ck ups

+ 2x guided meditations, PDF workbooks, printable visuals & mindfulness activities!

Isabella is a Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Educator, 50hr Kids Yoga Instructor & has over 8 years experience guiding children of many different abilities.

"My biggest passion is supporting children's thriving, whilst empowering their guiders with wisdom + expanded awareness "

Isabella invites a gentle expansion of your being-ness in your leading of little ones, through sharing her embodied experience.

I have always had a good relationship with my girls, but as they have gotten older, I did struggle with big emotions/meltdowns. This course supported me + has helped me navigate this in such a beautiful, loving way!

~ Melissa, mother of 2

Who is Loving Guiderhood created for?

Parents, educators, grandparents, guardians, foster carers ~ those who are guiding children in any way, shape or form!

Wisdom shared in this program is cultivated with guiders of 2-12 year olds in mind, who are ready to SHOW UP with more love, patience & groundedness with their little ones.

What is the time commitment for this program?

Whilst the content for Loving Guiderhood is self-paced, I invite you to explore each module over the span of a week. Soak in the wisdom, delve into the home-play practices, allow it to integrate & embody before delving into the next. You have access to 140 minutes of video content, plus written PDF bonus content, workbooks & meditations to explore.

What if I have questions throughout the program?

By investing in this program, you also gain access to a private Facebook community with all those who have been/are moving through Loving Guiderhood aswell. This allows you a chance to connect & ask questions.  My intention is for this to be a growing community of Guiders, who are committed to showing up for their children AND themselves. Expanding, side by side, & witnessing each other through the peaks & troughs of guiderhood.

I'm ready to uplevel my guiderhood! 🔥

  • Loving Guiderhood

    Self-Paced Program
    • Four modules of epic expansion for all guiders of children!