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an online space for Families to cultivate a deeper sense of Peace + holistic wellbeing.

Families, it's possible for your home to feel PEACEFUL.

It's possible for you to experience deeper connection in your home.

It's possible for mindful moments to be the norm.

I want this for you + your children, gorgeous one.

Because, I know you're tired of the chaos + busy-ness.

I know you're sick of feeling exhausted by 10am.

I know you're running out of ideas to soothe your children's amped up energy.

This platform is filled to the brim with ways to invite little moments of peace into your days. 

Practices that support emotional intelligence, kindness, soothed nervous system, gratitude, self-attunement; for the WHOLE family.

Let this be a way to channel big energy + emotions, and invite a more calm, soothed energy into your home.

What's in the HQ?

In Mindful Souls HQ online platform, you'll find an abundance of prerecorded mindful practices to explore with your family & classroom:

Junior & Primary Yogi's: a library of engaging yoga flows, adapted from ancient Indian yogic philosophies to suit children's naturally high energy, playfulness & abilities.

Meditation: guided visualisations, supporting our busy little bees in embracing stillness & feeling peaceful. 

Mindful Moments: explore mindfulness themes in creative ways to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness (lots of printable templates here).

Grown-Ups: nourishing rituals, journal prompts & grounding meditation; so you can deepen your self-awareness & fill your cup back up too!

Juniors experiences are cultivated with 4-5 year olds in mind, bringing simple awareness to their body, mind & breath through play, laughter, story-telling & creativity, whilst Primary experiences are cultivated with 6-12 year olds in mind, focusing on deepening flexibility, balance, concentration & awareness of the mind, body & breath.

This expansive range of content is easily accessible via your iPad, Laptop or Mobile Device (+ Chrome casted to your TV).

learn more!

see the hq in action!

'My (10 year old) daughter has been listening to the meditations whilst she falls asleep and then choosing one to start the day ~ she is just LOVING it!'

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As a Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Educator & 50hr trained Kids Yoga Teacher, with over 8 years experience working with children ~ I have poured so much love & wisdom into this space! The practices of yoga, meditation & creative mindfulness have had such a profound impact on my emotional liberation, groundedness & ability to really feel the joys of life; and I'm so excited about the support it can offer our children as they grow.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Membership Info:

Mindful Souls HQ is accessible via membership payments of $33 per month ~ which allows you unlimited access to all of the above experiences. Once you subscribe, you will have access to the platform immediately, and your payments will automatically be deducted on the same day each month. Membership is ongoing, however you are able to cancel whenever feels aligned for you, there is no lock-in period. When cancelled, you will lose access to the platform & all of it's content.

Not sure if you want to commit?

This is why I've created the 'One-Week Trial': an opportunity to access the platform for 7 days, and see how much enjoyment your little ones gain from this space! The one-week trial allows complete access to the HQ, including all the experiences listed above.

  • One-Week Trial

    Bring a taste of peace & joy into your home
    Valid for one week
    • Access to all the Mindful Souls HQ goodies for 7 days!
  • Family Membership

    Every month
    Inviting more peace into your home
    • Full access to libraries of holistic wellness experiences!