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Growing Mindful Beings

Masterclass Replay

A bite-sized invitation into more easeful, connected parenting + teaching of children.

In this powerful 40-minute transmission, you'll recieve potent wisdom to support you in Growing Mindful Beings in your home or classroom. 

Understanding children's needs.

Debunking Tantrums (with a capital T).

Supporting big emotions, lovingly.

The beauty of boundaries.

Cultivating inner calm.

Being an educator for 8+ years, I've been in a place where all of these areas of Guiding felt incredibly hard + exhausting. Where I had no idea how to meet children in their big feels, or follow through on a boundary with love. And I just WISHED someone could lead me, show me 'how' to Guide children without the punishments, bribes & dismissal; but also without the exhaustion & confusion.


The pieces in this masterclass are the foundations of up-levelling our Guiderhood and raising connected, heart-centred beings, and have seriously allowed my Guiding of children to become SO much more easeful.

Along with this video masterclass, you also receive a short workbook; filled with printable support tools to fuel sustainable leading of little ones.

Access is yours for life. Open to all Guiders of children aged 2-12.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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