Mindful Souls Kindy Enrolment

Spaces remaining:

3 year olds

Monday's 9-11:30am : 5 spaces

4 + 5 year olds

Wednesday's 9-2pm : 6 spaces

Friday's 9-2pm: 6 spaces

Please only fill out enrolment forms if you're ready to begin sessions this coming week!

Enrolment Form

Day(s) comitting to attend

* if you have a plan, Isabella will need a copy!

e.g physical injuries, learning challenges, diagnosed ASD/ADHD, separation anxiety, trauma...

It is expected these will be the Primary pick-up/drop-off people. In the case it'll be someone different, you'll need to contact Isabella + let her know (for safety of child)

Do you consent to photo's of your child's face being shared on Rainbow Minds Wellbieng social media, as inspiration for families/holistic educators?

Kindy Agreements

By signing this Agreement form, you're agreeing to the following:


~ I agree that all information I've shared here (regarding my child's health, wellbeing, needs) is accurate + true to the best of my knowledge. I agree that I will communicate any changes to this information with Isabella as necessary.


~ I agree that if my child is injured, or has a reaction to something, I will not hold Isabella liable, knowing that she is creating the safest space for my child possible + has the training required to do so. Any ambulance/medical fees will be paid by me.


~ I agree to respect the start + end times of the session, by arriving 5-10 mins early.


~ I agree to provide my child with the adequate food, water, medication (if required) + change of clothing to ensure their basic needs are met.


~ I agree to inform Isabella with minimum one-weeks notice if my child wishes to stop attending.

Yahooo, Isabella will email you within 48hrs to confirm your application, setup payment plan + send through all the details to get ready for your first day!